About Us

Steven 'Fred' SpillerHi there and welcome to our little corner of the internet. My name is Fred, well actually it’s Steven but I have been called Fred for the last 20+ years so it’s kind of stuck! I’m lucky to be the boss at bitTheory, where I get to work with some incredibly creative people.

Working alongside such talented and creative people does tend to rub off on me. Well, I’d like to think so, although I know my strengths and weaknesses. While I can code in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, I know I truly suck at creating decent images. That part of the business I leave to those on the team more suited to the task. Hey, I even have others get in on the coding side as well; that way you know we can provide you with the best service quickly and efficiently. Without compromising on quality.

bitTheory combines some of the most talented artists, sublime SEO experts and the best coders I have met. Together we will produce the best work just for you.